Ridabock Glass Art
Peter Ridabock of Ridabock Glass Featured on New England Dream House
Peter takes a painterly approach to the surface design of his glass.
Large fields of solid color are balanced by more intricate and defined design elements. Layers of contrasting colors and patterns merge and then separate, creating windows in which to view the depths below. The imagery, although intentionally abstract, recalls life beneath the ocean. Forever moving and sustaining life, the ocean is a constant source of inspiration for him to draw, and has provoked such well know glassworks as the WAVE series, the BARNACLE series, and the SHORELINE SHARD series.

Another strong force influencing Peter's work is music. He appreciates a wide variety of music and use music to renew his spirit and free his soul. Creating music, as in creating handblown glass, involves an orchestrated team of players. Each player is fine tuned and synchronized under the direction of the maestro; each contributes his personal rhythm in response to the group's rhythm and each is dedicated to the final piece - a masterpiece , that will move its audience and have them call for more! The culmination of these inspirational forces can be seen in their Oceanic Concert Series; which is a visual testament to their love of the sea and music. Some of the pieces in this series suggest musical "sea instruments" - like trumpets (i.e. OCEAN JAZZ sculptures), while others might make one think of miniature "sea symphonies" (i.e., SEA SYMPHONY sculptures) and "waves" that rock and roll (i.e., ROCK & ROLL WAVE vessels).


Peter is proud of the fact that Ridabock Glass is a small studio, geared towards creating original, one-of-a-kind work. The production is limited because Peter is involved in the execution of every glass piece. The work is such a personal expression of Peter's, that only he can make it. It is this personal touch that makes Ridabock pieces truly works of art, of the highest quality. Superior quality design and craftsmanship are Peter's first priority, and this is why his hands can be seen in every glass piece they make; a claim not all glass artists and studios can make.


Peter is always creating new visual and technical challenges for themselves, and hope that some of the joy in making his glasswork is passed on to the people who purchase it.


Professional Experience
  2008 - Present Owner of Ridabock Hand Blown Glass Studio and Gallery in East Kingston, NH
  2003 - 2008 Owner of Ridabock Hand Blown Glass Studio and Gallery in Salisbury, MA
  1996 - 2003 Owner of Ridabock Hand Blown Glass Studio and Gallery in Newburyport , MA
  1988 - Present. Co-owner of Ridabock Hand Blown Glass Studio and Gallery. Tiverton Four Corners, RI; 1990-1996: York, ME; 1988-1990: Portsmouth, NH
  1996 - Present. Glass Blowing Instructor, Four Corners Art Center, Tiverton Four Corners, RI
  1990 - Present. Glass Blowing Instructor, Ridabock Hand Blown Glass Studio
  1980-1989 Professor of Glass, Franklin Pierce College, Rindge, NH
  1983 Teaching Assistant to Toots Zynsky; Haystack Mountain School of Crafts
  1982 Teaching Assistant to Sylvia Vigiletti; Penland School of Crafts
  1981 Teaching Assistant to Henry Halem; Penland School of Crafts
  1980 Teaching Assistant to Fritz Dreisbach; Pilchuck Glass School
  1980 Assisted on Dale Chihuly's Glass Team; Pilchuck Glass School
  1979-1980 Glass Blowing Assistant to David Huchthausen; Milropa Studio; Queens, NY
  1979 Teaching Assistant to Fritz Dreisbach; Pilchuck Glass School
  1979 Teaching Assistant to Fritz Dreisbach; Penland School of Crafts
  1978 Teaching Assistant to Richard Ritter; Penland School of Crafts
  1976/82/83 & 1989 Haystack Mountain School of Crafts; Deer Isle, ME; Studied Glass with Robert Coleman, Richard Royal, Ben Moore, Fritz Dreisbach and Toots Zynsky
  1977 -1982 Penland School of Crafts; Penland, NC; Studied Glass with James Nadel, Henry Halem, Fritz Dreisbach, Sylvia Vigiletti and Richard Ritter
  1978 - 1980 Pilchuck Glass School; Stanwood, WA; Studied Glass with Dale Chihuly, Fritz Dreisbach and Dan Dailey
  1976/1977 New York Experimental Glass Workshop; NY, NY; Studied Glass with Richard Yelle and Joe Upam
  1975/1976 The New School; NY, Classes in Metal Sculpture and Jewelry; Studied Glass with Paul Siede
  1975 Greenwich House Pottery; NY, NY; Class in Ceramics
  1974/1975 Silvermine Art Guild; New Canaan, CT; Classes in Drawing, Oil Painting, Sculpture, Photography and Ceramics
  1970 - 1973 Darien High School; Darien, CT
  1984 Recieved Fellowship to The Creative Glass Center of America, Millville, NJ
  1984 Rakow Award (Tied for Award, Given Honorable Mention)
Shows & Exhibitions
  1996/1997 Featured Artist, Gingerbread Square Gallery, Key West, FL
  1996 Group Show, Hanson Gallery, Knoxville, TX
  1995/1997 Paradise City Arts Festival, Northampton, MA
  1994/1997 Current American Glass and Dinner For Two, Philabaum Art Glass, Tuscan,AZ
  1990/1995 Crafts At The Castle, Boston, MA
  1995 The Guilford Hand Crafts Exposition, Guilford, CT
  1995 One of a Kind Pieces of Wood and Glass, The Sharon Art Center, Sharon, NH
  1994/1995 Designer Crafts Exposition, NY, NY
  1995 Handmade in The USA, NY, NY
  1994 North American Glass, Guilford Handcraft Center, Guilford, CT
  1992 Reflections, Bell Ross Fine Art Gallery, Memphis, TN
  1991 Group Show, Judith Wolov, Boston, MA
  1990 Group Show, Carol James, Royal Oak, MI
  1989/1990 Group Show, A Gather of Glass, Mindscape Gallery, Evanston, IL
  1989/1990 Group Show, Elizabeth Fortner Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA
  1989 & 1990 Contemporary Imagery, Group Show, Eileen Kreman Gallery, Fullerton, CA
  1986 & 1987 Feature and Group Shows, Del Mano Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
  1986 - Present. ACE Craft Exhibition, Baltimore, MD
  1985 - Present. ACE Craft Exhibition, W. Springfield, MA
  1986 & 1987 Glass Spectrum 2 & 3, The Craftsman Gallery, Scarsdale, NY
  1985 International Juried Art Competition, Heller Gallery, NY, NY
  1984 Group Show: Glass, Wood, Fiber, Metal; Endleman & Kraus Galleries
  1982 Make It New, All Crafts Media Within New England, Paul Creative Art Center, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH
  Jan. 1998 The Crafts Report Magazine, Cover
  Jul. 1997 Rhode Island Monthly Magazine
  Oct. 1997 The Boston Globe Newspaper
  Oct. 1996 Providence Journal Bulletin Newspaper, Providence, RI
  Feb. 1996 The Baltimore Sun Newspaper, Baltimore, MD
  Nov. 1996 Traveler Newspaper, RI Edition
  Aug. 1996 The Boston Globe Newspaper, Boston, MA
  Aug. 1996 Sakonnet Times Newspaper, Middletown, RI
  Jun. 1996 North of Boston Magazine
  Jul. 1995 The Shoreliner Newspaper, Guilford, CT
  Jul. 1995 The Day Newspaper, Guilford, CT
  Dec. 1994 The Gallery Guide, New England/Boston
  May 1994 The Keene Sentinel Newspaper, Keene, NH
  Mar. 1994 The Crafts Report Magazine
  Apr. 1992 The Commercial Appeal Magazine, Memphis, TN
  Jun. 1984 The New Haven Standard Times Newstoatner. New Haven,. CT

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